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Driving School

244 Main Street

Luckey OH 43443

419 801-4088

Welcome to the newest driver's education program in northwest Ohio!  Black Swamp Driving School is the place where you can learn new skills, meet new friends and feel prepared to not only pass your driving test, but safely maneuver the roadways, every single day.


"Schedule classes and be confident that scheduling your drive time will be just as easy!"

Black Swamp Driving School provides an integrated course schedule of learning through exploration, scrutiny, and self-reflection. Our 6 classes combine hands-on experience with knowledge-based teaching - take a look at our two class offerings a month and schedule with Black Swamp Driving School today!

Study Group


6 simple face to face via Google Meets 4 hour classes!

Students are provided six classes in 4 hour segments where topics covering everything from basic mechanisms of an automobile to fundamental Ohio driving laws will be taught. Students will work cooperatively and independently to master this exciting, yet critical life skill we call driving.  Videos, testimonials, presentations and readings will fill each jam packed class.  Students must attend all six classes and pass a comprehensive final test provided by the State of Ohio earning a score of at least 75% in order to obtain their certificate of class completion.  

Since students and their families are so busy, classes may be scheduled over multiple monthly sessions. However,  any missed class must be made up.  Keep in mind, from the first class attended, students have six months to finish the class and the behind-the-wheel portion of the driving program as per the state of Ohio. 

Payment is due when the student schedules their first class online.  Space is limited to only 25 students a sessions, so those paying in person on the first day of class might not be able to attend if we have reached our maximum.  Those students "bumped" would have a seat reserved for them in the next available session.  

Signing up for classes includes the cost of the students behind-the-wheel portion of their training!

Students or Parents may book their session at the top of screen.  Credit cards will only be accepted online through paypal, but checks can be accepted in person at our location.

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8 hours of driving with a certified instructor

This one-on-one 8 hour driving experience will give drivers real life experiences behind the wheel.  Students will drive in rural and urban environments implementing all they have mastered in class.  While driving, the instructor will continue to teach areas of needed improvement and recognize what the student has mastered.
Students may begin scheduling two hour driving sessions after completing at least two instructional classes at our Black Swamp office. 
By law, students must have their temporary permit each and every time they drive with an instructor. 
Those students who choose to do  online course work with another driving school may schedule to do their behind-the-wheel with us, but will need a certificate of completion with their former school.  These students must also contact us to schedule their drive time with an instructor.  Payment is due before any scheduling can take place.  Payment can be made online using a credit card or paypal at the top of the screen.  Checks can be accepted at our office.  
Also, all instructors are state certified driving instructors and are state and federally background checked for the safety of all our students.

Do you still have questions?  If so, contact us!


Education. Exploration. Thoroughness. Vigilance.

Black Swamp Driving School was born out of a simple idea: bring high quality, and accessible driver's education to the entire community. Our unique approach to learning and experienced faculty, makes Black Swamp Driving School unique to the northwest Ohio area. 
Our students are not just a number in a big corporate database, but someone's child and soon to be fellow driver on the road.  We are passionate about safety and thoroughness as if we were instructing our own child! 
We believe students learn best by being instructed in person where they can interact in a group.  Discussing topics and immediately being able to ask an instructor a question that was just provoked helps keep students engaged.  We aim for your child to look forward to attending their driver's education classes with Black Swamp. 
We invite you to explore the difference between us and other companies. 
We are located at 244 Main Street in Luckey OH just 12 miles from Perrysburg and 15 miles from Bowling Green.

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