Get Informed

Q:  What do I need to bring with me for my first drive time?

A:  You'll need your permit and if you took classes online with another school, your Completion Certificate and our Contract.

Q:  How soon will I be able to sign up for my behind the wheel driving?

A:  If you are taking classes with us, you'll sign up for your drive times during class or after your final test. 

If you are taking the online class with our affiliate, you can begin scheduling your drive times when you have completed at least 75% of the course.  BUT, the course must be completed before you can drive with us.  You can email us to schedule your drive times.

Q:  When will I receive my completion certificate?

A:   Completion Certificates are mailed out multiple times a week.  You should receive it within 7 days of completing your final drive time.  Remember, if you haven't turned in your online completion certificate from the other school, we can't mail our certificate  until we get it from you.  

Q:  What if I need my Completion Certificate from Black Swamp Driving School sooner than 7 days?

A:  For a $35 fee, if you contact our office, we can make arrangements to meet you at our office for pick up.  You must email us to make arrangements.

Q:  If I do my classes with another company, can I do my driving with you?

A:  Yes!  We gladly accept other company's students for behind the wheel driving!  You'll need to provide us with your Completion Certificate when you receive it.

Q:  Does Black Swamp Driving School allow payment plans?

A:  Yes!  We are a local family company that understand sometimes you can't plan for the unexpected.  We simply ask for the final balance be paid in full by the student's last drive time.  Please contact us via email to set up a plan.

Q:  How long will it take for me to do my behind the wheel driving?

A:  We typically are scheduled out a month at a time.  You will not need to wait three months to drive with us!

Q:  Do you pick up at our home, school, place of employment, etc.?

A:  We can pick up students at school, from practice, from their workplace, etc.  Just be sure the instructor is aware of a different address before your scheduled drive.

Q:  How long are the behind the wheel driving sessions?

A:  Drive times are typically 2 hours in length.  One student picks up one driver and then that driver takes the other student home.