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Diane Lindenberger

Tue, Nov 22, 2022 

"I wanted to take a moment to express my satisfaction with your driving instruction. My son, Benjamin Lindenberger, found his Behind the Wheel instructors to be very helpful and encouraging. He was a bit nervous, but they put him at ease and built his confidence in his ability. Even though we came some distance for the instruction, the instructors were very flexible to arrange locations for drop off and pick up. 


I am excited to share with you that he passed his driver's test on his first attempt with ZERO deductions! Thank you for helping him to achieve this!"


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Teengers with Laptop


learn at your own pace through our affiliate

Fulfill your 24 hr. state requirement in the comforts of your own home whenever you have freetime!  

Completion Certificates are automatically mailed to us after you successfully pass the course; then you only need to schedule your drive times! 

Super convenient for those busy teens!



Classes and Driving


Students fulfill the 24hr. class and 8hr behind the wheel requirement by the state!

Students will take the course in-person or via google meets.  It's your choice; whichever is best for your student's learning style.   

After passing the final exam at our location, students schedule all of their drive times before leaving!  


Classes are taught by state licensed instructors who encourage interaction and discussions.  Activities, movies, quizzes, worksheets and sometimes even presentations from the state highway patrol are offered to help facilitate learning.

Behind the Wheel driving is conducted by a state licensed instructor in one of our fully equipped and state inspected vehicles.  We may pick up from your home, school or even place of employment depending on your location!  



Driving Lesson
Driving School


Drive Times with an instructor

Students will drive with a licensed instructor for 8 hrs over 3 or 4 lessons in our state inspected vehicles.  Drive times are typically no more than 2 hrs and students are picked up from their home, school or work.  Only those students past our range are asked to meet us at a set high school location for pick-ups and dropoffs.  


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